Hounds, Hostas, Hellebores and ?.. Koi..?…

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AND pink stuff and shiney stuff and mosaics mosaics mosaics!!!

Another wonderful neighbor to and friend of Buffalo River Retreat. Nestled back in a little fairy land of horticultural and pet friendly delights. The owner of the former Erbie Lodge no longer operates a vacation rental but she still has a little roadside attraction that people love to take their visitors to see….Invitations are quite private and highly treasured.

This wonderful Ozark farm boasts a pack of AKC Champion Irish Wolf Hounds, over 200 varieties of hostas, and a growing collection of hellebores, a nice assortment of water garden flora and giant Koi and darling Shubunkins.

This is perhaps the shiniest, pinkest farm I have ever seen. What a treasure! This is the home of one of my main mosaic mentors. Treasures are tucked in every corner.




                                     And we will have to take a look at some of the art work…..


There is really so much to see and learn there….Another post will be necessary when the weather allows a little more blooming to take place. Then of course we will have to look at the water gardens as well….lots more to come.

 Here is a little Dicentra that was blooming a couple of days ago….

Anticipating Spring in the Ozarks!




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Well I had a nice little post here about my friend Annie’s birthday. Something happened- I IMPROVED something as I cannot resist doing. And Voila! It disappeared- showed up somewhere else and brought some kinda spammy stuff with it. Uh oh.

Well so- I think I fixed it. But boo hoo. I won’t be able to deal with that sort of thing…

Ta da- So – to get to the post on Creeks End/ River Side Retreats’ shout out…. click on the link in the right hand column here that says friends of Buffalo River Retreat. Or, you can click here.

I will try to do better.;-)

Out and About- Retitled…..

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Out and About    Hmmmmm. Maybe that should read- Once you move to Newton County there is no reason to get Out and About! I mean yes- the place down the road is pretty but so is every where so- why should I leave????? I can sit on my porch, in my yard, at my window and enjoy the natural beauty that abounds.

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Greetings from Buffalo River Retreat!

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Greetings from the Buffalo River Retreat!

The Retreat is not available again until some time late in 2008. The spring, summer and fall have all been spoken for. Thanks to all the wonderful people who have been patrons, friends and supporters. 

My intention with this blog is to review discuss and generally investigate items of interest to folks who are looking for things to do in the area. Places to go, places to stay. Friends of the Retreat and friends of the area.

Even though the Retreat is not presently available for additional rentals- there are lots of local vacation rental owner friends of ours who may have just the thing you are looking for!

Feel free to stop in and leave a comment.

I look forward to hearing from old friends and making some new ones along the way!